Our Story

Professionals are Milingona Fashion’s heros. We know how busy life can be and appreciate the challenges they go through on a daily basis. Milingona Fashion helps women and men with an entrepreneurial spirit to dress for their way to success.

Milingona, translated from Albanian, is an ant and has become our brand’s iconic personification. She is hardworking, loyal, passionate and constant, just like our hero entrepreneurs. Her spirit is reflected in every design we make.

As business people are always on the run and no one has time for ironing, we have created a wrinkle-free collection to reflect this fast-paced lifestyle. We believe that more comfort translates into more confidence. Therefore, our pieces are carefully designed around movability to allow the wearer to move comfortably throughout the day. We take care of your comfort so you can focus on your success.

Here at Milingona Fashion we encourage entrepreneurs to show their true, authentic selves through their outfits. As a result, we offer unique pieces that reflect different values and ideas, with a variety of colours to increase creativity and joy in the workplace.

We use only high end Italian fabrics, 90% of which are natural to increase breathability, comfort, and contribute to a greener planet. Our production is of the best of made in Britain, where every Milingona Fashion piece is carefully taken care of by our amazing tailors that gives our designs the highest quality whilst keeping it local and grounded.

Milingona Fashion is also proud to operate on a Zero Waste policy, where no fabric is thrown away. With smaller fabrics we create smaller and meaningful pieces.

If you like what you hear, check our collection.